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How John Huxtable Got Started in the Business

John Huxtable and Alex Keyles are the founders of Bathroom Buddy Remodeling. John began his career as an investor in flip properties in 90’s, where he gained valuable experience in contracting, financing and project management. Family and friends in the Long Island community valued John’s expertise and asked him to consult them on their home improvement projects.

Word spread quickly about John’s dedicated approach and knowledge. That was when he realized that the contracting industry needed a company with the professionalism and experience to keep homeowners informed and happy. He formed his first company, All State Home Improvement, on the pillars of integrity, attention to detail and open client communication.

Bathroom Buddy Remodeling Is Born

After many years of success, bathroom remodeling had grown to become the largest sector of All State Home Improvement’s services. Bathroom Buddy Remodeling was born out of this massive customer demand. The constant positive feedback, both on the design and production side of their bathroom system, made it clear that All State needed to focus more attention on that portion of the business.

“We had clients that were willing to wait 3-6 months for us to do their bathroom – and that was just something that we were not OK with,” explains John Huxtable, President and CEO. “We were flattered they were willing to wait for us, but it was evident that we needed to do better for our loyal and appreciative customer base. Dedicating a division solely for the purpose of servicing aging bathrooms with our Bathroom Buddy Remodeling system has made the process much more efficient, without sacrificing the quality that has helped to build our stellar reputation.”

John never forgets that the community is what has led to his successful career in the home improvement business. He learned early on that the industry was ridden with under-performing companies creating a stigma that he refused to be part of. “I knew it wouldn’t be hard to separate myself from the pack because my competition, in most cases, was just so poor. I set my sights on creating the total package for the homeowner: fair pricing, excellent workmanship, fantastic project management and accountability. Anybody that knows me, personally, knows that I am a people pleaser and don’t like someone being upset with me or my company. I have always done whatever is necessary to create the ideal experience for all clients.”

John’s vision and attitude can be felt throughout the entire Bathroom Buddy Remodeling organization. “Being in someone’s house is very personal and, in a lot of ways, inconvenient. Construction is disrupting their everyday life, their routine, so it is our responsibility to create a trusting, respectful and approachable atmosphere,” he explains. “Making the process as easy as possible for the homeowner is just as important as a tile being set correctly. There is no trade-off for another; we gauge our success of delivering the total package in both aspects.”

What Alex Keyles Brings to the Table

Nobody knows Bathroom Buddy Remodeling high company standards better than Alex Keyles, John’s brother and the Vice President/General Manager of Bathroom Buddy Remodeling. Years ago, Alex joined John during his summers off from high school, doing grunt work. “I started off cleaning up job sites and knocking on doors to introduce our services,” he says. “It was not easy starting at the bottom, but I always knew learning the business from the ground up would be the best thing for me.”

There is a 22-year age difference between Alex and John. As a millennial, Alex brings a very unique set of skills to Bathroom Buddy Remodeling. He grew up during the technology boom and has spearheaded the effort to grow the company’s message and vision through the new and constantly evolving digital world. Over the years, Alex has innovated the business with a technology-first approach, while also growing the fan base to tens of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

“It is our passion to provide the most seamless bathroom remodeling service possible,” explains Alex. “With the evolving world we live in, a company must constantly work to improve to be able to set itself apart.”

Helping Customers Achieve the Bathroom of Their Dreams

With all the products available – from tile to vanities, steam showers and standalone tubs – Bathroom Buddy Remodeling works effortlessly to make sure a client’s goals are not only met, but surpassed. Quite often, homeowners get overwhelmed with all the different choices. Bathroom Buddy Remodeling not only manages and installs, but makes sure to guide each and every customer toward achieving the bathroom of their dreams.

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