4 Bathroom Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Oct 18, 2018

Complete bathroom renovations can take a lot of time and money so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most value out of it. Unfortunately, many people make design mistakes that cause them to end up less than what they hoped they were paying for. Our experts give you a rundown of these common mistakes so you can avoid them when you decide to give your bathroom a makeover.

4 Bathroom Design Mistakes You Should Avoid
  1. Winging It

One of the main things to keep in mind when it comes to remodeling is planning for every little thing. Trying to come up with changes on the fly not only slows down the entire remodeling process but also runs the risk of having poorly-implemented options. For example, deciding to upgrade to a bathtub without planning for the leftover floor space would force you to have a cramped bathroom unless you move the cabinet and toilet a foot or two.

  1. Going Overboard with Features

A good master bathroom remodel is supposed to enhance the form and function of the room. Change doesn’t always have to involve adding new features. In fact, many experts advise homeowners against adding too many things to the bathroom, especially ones you don’t see yourself using all too often. This way, you can cut down on remodeling expenses while still getting more value out of your remodel by way of being more efficient.

  1. Too Much Tile

Tile surfaces in a bathroom may be considered “high-end.” But sometimes going too wild on the tile patterns can turn your bathroom into an eyesore, especially if the tile scheme doesn’t match the overall visual style of the rest of the other features. Keep things simple and coordinated, or, better yet, consult a designer for better tile patterns before your remodeling project starts.

  1. Forgetting the Electricity

Many home remodelers tend to forget the importance of well-placed lighting and electric sockets in the bathroom. As a result, they might have to bring in extra lighting or extension cords to power items such as hair blowers or even something as harmless as a radio. Fortunately, a bathroom remodeling contractor like us can install bathroom-friendly electrical features with protective covers at strategically located areas both for better convenience and greater safety.

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