5 Clever Ways to Make Small Baths Seem Larger

Jun 22, 2018

Everybody wants a large bathroom, but some of us don’t have the luxury of space. Fortunately, you can magically make your tiny bath look and feel roomier with simple design tricks.

If the floor area of your bathroom is too small, Bathroom Buddy Remodeling shares some ideas to make it look and feel less cramped:

  1. Use Lots of White

Any experienced bathroom remodeler would recommend white finishes to fool the eye into believing that the space is bigger. Unlike dark hues, white reflects light rather than absorbing it, rendering the room airier. To complete the illusion, though, a clever color contrast comes in handy. If you prefer your walls painted differently, use a soft but slightly darker hue than that of the trim to make them appear farther back.

  1. Make Fixtures Float

Vanities and toilets that don’t touch the floor produce negative space that lends more depth to your bathroom. Offering a peek of the flooring underneath them would create a more open feel. In small baths, every gap counts.

  1. Lose Cabinet Doors

To accentuate your bathroom’s third dimension, use open shelving. Any seasoned bathroom remodeling company would attest that doorless cabinets provide ample storage while eliminating obstructions to elbows.

  1. Put a Premium on Good Lighting

Adequate illumination can make any small space feel more open. Dim areas are generally less perceptible. If you don’t get a lot of sun, plant artificial lights strategically to enhance visual performance when performing tasks, from walking to applying makeup.

  1. Don’t Skimp on Glass

Most expert providers of bathroom remodeling services love utilizing glass elements generously to visually double the size of the space. Large mirror and see-through shower panels provide an uninterrupted view of the entire square footage of the slim bath.

As a proud recipient of many prestigious awards, Bathroom Buddy Remodeling has built a solid reputation for giving baths of all sizes dramatic makeovers. We carry an impressive selection of products, allowing us to satisfy the unique needs of homeowners with different budgets. With our proven integrity and expertise, you can rest assured we’ll help you get the most value from your small bathroom.

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