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Best Safety Features to Improve Your Bathroom

Oct 25, 2022

Did you know that 22% of household injuries take place in the bathroom? As you get older, your risk of tripping, slipping, or falling in the bathroom increases even more. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, it’s the perfect time to add certain safety features to help prevent future accidents. 

Continue reading to learn about the most important safety features to consider for your bathroom renovation. 

Grab Bars

Whether you have a bathtub or shower, it can help to have extra stability while you bathe. Adding secure grab bars to the walls can help you as you get into and out of the bathing area and give you added peace of mind while bathing. 

Remember never to rely on towel bars for support. They aren’t attached to the walls as securely as grab bars and won’t provide you with the stability you need.

Built-in Shower Seating

Here at Bathroom Buddy Remodeling, we love creating functional showers based on our client’s needs. If safety is a priority, we recommend adding a built-in seat during your shower remodel. When standing for long periods becomes too much, the seat gives you a comfortable place to rest while you bathe.

Beyond that, built-in seating can look very chic and give your shower an extra element of design. 

Handheld Shower Head

If you do opt for a built-in seat in your shower, we also recommend installing a handheld shower head. This will make it easier for you to bathe while you sit down, helping to prevent an accidental slip and fall. 

When choosing your shower head, be sure to look for a model that isn’t too heavy so you don’t have trouble holding it while you bathe. As a bonus, handheld shower heads can make cleaning your shower easier too, because you can move it around to rinse down each shower wall. 

Built-in Storage

Do you have trouble reaching your favorite bathing products in your tub or shower? When you’re straining to reach your shampoo or loofah, you run the risk of slipping and injuring yourself. 

When you hire the Bathroom Buddy Remodeling team for your bathroom transformation project, we can include built-in storage so your bathing essentials are never out of reach. If you choose to add a seat to your shower, we’ll make sure your storage area is accessible from the seat, to make it even easier for you. 

Walk-in Shower

The most dangerous part of using a bathtub is stepping over the high wall of the tub. You can eliminate this risk by installing a walk-in shower with a barrier-free entry in your bathroom. Set flush to the ground, you won’t have to step over a lipped edge when you bathe, making it easier for you to age in place. 

Walk-in showers are not only a safe bathing option, but they’re also modern, helping to give your whole bathroom a refreshed look. 

Which Safety Features Will You Choose for Your Bathroom?

Our job here at Bathroom Buddy Remodeling is to help you transform your bathroom so it better fits your family’s needs. When you choose our team for your project, we’ll discuss which safety features are ideal for your home and incorporate them into a fresh, modern space you’ll love for years. 

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