4 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

May 12, 2022

Here in New York, the average cost of a mid-range bathroom remodel is around $30,000. When you’re investing that kind of money into your home, you don’t want to risk hiring the wrong bathroom remodeling contractor for the job. 

But, with so many different remodelers out there, how do you make the right choice for your home? We’re here to help! 

In this quick guide, we’ll cover the most important factors to consider when hiring a contractor so you can feel confident when making your decision. 

1. Experience

First things first, you want to make sure you hire a team that has a background in doing projects like the one you have in mind. For example, are you looking to convert an old bathtub into a new shower? In that case, look for before and after photos from contractors that have done similar projects. 

Similarly, it’s worth it to work with a contractor that specializes in bathroom remodeling services rather than a general contractor. Hire someone who is more familiar with the ins and outs of specifically remodeling a bathroom. This ensures that they’ll know what to do should an unexpected issue arise. 

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2. Credentials

Along those same lines, you need to look for a contractor who has the proper credentials. Unfortunately, in this day and age, anyone can quickly create a website and call themselves a contractor. However, that doesn’t mean that they are licensed and insured to work on your home. 

Before committing to a contractor, ask them for proof of their license and insurance policies. Any reputable contractor should be happy to show you their credentials. This way you can have peace of mind when hiring them to work on your home. 

3. Reviews

When deciding who to hire for your project, it also helps to hear from previous customers. Good or bad, former customers aren’t afraid to tell it like it is! This gives you an unbiased idea of what it’s like to work with a particular remodeling company. 

Here at Bathroom Buddy Remodeling, we’re proud to have hundreds of reviews from happy customers. We take the feedback we get from the homeowners we work with seriously. And we love to hear when we get things right as well as areas of improvement to consider. But, don’t just take our word for it! Check out our reviews for yourself. 

4. Professionalism

Finally, when choosing your contractor, professionalism is key. Pay attention to how a potential remodeling company treats you from the first interaction you have. Are they trying to rush you off the phone? Pressure you into committing to a project? If so, this is a reflection of how they’ll likely act during your project. 

Instead, look for a company that treats you with respect and shows that your time is valuable. Above all, you want a company that operates with honesty and transparency at every turn. You never want to wonder if you can trust what they say. After speaking with our team for even just a few minutes, we believe you’ll see that the Bathroom Buddy Remodeling team does just that. 

Choose Us as Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Now that you know what to consider before hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor, why wait any longer to choose Bathroom Buddy Remodeling? As the area’s leading bathroom renovation company, we’ve got the experience, credentials, and professionalism you need with plenty of happy customers to back us up. 

We’d love to give you a great remodeling experience. Request a free quote from our team today. 

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