4 Ways to Add a Spa-like Experience to Your Bathroom

Nov 15, 2018

Planning to do something new with your bathroom? Consider installing spa features and elements inside your home for a relaxing experience without leaving the house. Bathroom Buddy Remodeling, the leading complete bathroom renovations company, discusses the four elements used in spas that you can have inside your home.

4 Ways to Add a Spa-like Experience to Your Bathroom


  1. Add Wood Accents and Other Natural Materials 

The use of natural materials like wood, limestone and granite are great elements to incorporate in your home for a spa-like vibe. These materials are widely used in spas because of how calming and relaxing they are to look at.

  1. Establish Tile Continuity

Tiles on your floor and walls create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. This material paired with wood, glass and warm colors make for a great master bathroom remodel interior if you’re looking for a soothing room aura. This is also a remodeling hack used to make your room look bigger than it is.

  1. Install a Fireplace

A fireplace has plenty of benefits that come with installing it. First, you won’t have to feel cold after taking a bath. Second, you’ll get an additional source of light when you want to have a longer dip in your bathtub. And third, you’ll instantly make your bathroom look and feel like an authentic spa.

  1. Lower Your Bath Tub

A sunken down bath is widely used in spa facilities because it resembles an outdoor swimming pool without the fuss of swimming with other people. With a ground level bathtub, you’ll erase the barrier between floor and waterline for an organic bathing experience. However, not all bathrooms can accommodate the size and construction demand of installing a step-down tub and you should communicate with your bathroom remodeling contractor if your home is fit to have this.

You’ve got a buddy in successfully adding these relaxing spa-like bathroom components in your home. Bathroom Buddy Remodeling offers excellent remodeling services to transform your house any way you want. Talk to us at (631) 228-7741 for more information. You can also fill out our contact form to get a free estimate. We proudly serve residents in Commack, NY, and other nearby areas.

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