The Key To Superior Results: Bathroom Specialists.

No Subcontractors – They Cause Problems

Many Long Island bathroom remodelers rely heavily – sometimes exclusively – on sub-contractors. This means that you’ll have a parade of different workers coming into your home.  It also means that your project can experience delays while your contractor waits for sub-contractors to become available.

Our way is to bring in an elite team of 1 to 2 Bathroom Specialists who know every single aspect of your bathroom remodel. No delays, and more importantly, our top quality standards are maintained.

Also know that we take accountability and quality control very seriously. Your bathroom remodel will have a project supervisor who monitors all aspects of the work. They even do a “job walk” before anyone picks up a tool. This careful planning means a smooth project for you.

(Note: in a few very rare cases we use specialty sub-contractors to move an electric line or other out-of-the-ordinary tasks. Nearly 100% of the routine work is completed by our own full-time employees).

Instead Of An Unprofessional Display Of Sub-Contractors,
We Only Employ Bathroom Specialists Who Can Do EVERYTHING In a Bathroom.

Many Long Island bath contractors choose to use sub-contractors to install a remodeling project. This can cause multiple headaches and problems, but there is one problem that stands out above all the others:

When a remodeling company uses sub-contractors, it is impossible to enforce quality control and workmanship standards.

Sub-contractors are simply not supervised and do not perform at the same level as a bath company that hires and employs their own installers.

At Bathroom Buddy Remodeling, the people working in your home are our employees. That means that we can schedule them properly, supervise them appropriately, and hold them to our extraordinary installation standards.

But we take it even a step further than high standards – we’ve implemented a unique way of handling Bathroom Installations. We have built an elite team of Bathroom Specialists that could handle every aspect bath remodels. These are high-level craftsmen who know bathrooms inside and out and backwards and forwards.

Instead of worrying about the varying quality of numerous people working on your project, you will have 1 to 3 rock-solid, super-experienced specialists handling everything.

Two more examples of how we’re different:


We pay closer attention to the small details you can see up close. We’ve seen shower systems installed that look pretty good at first glance, but upon closer inspection, many of the walls are uneven and are out of proportion.

With Bathroom Buddy Remodeling every aspect of your project looks good at first glance AND up close.

Checks And Balances Are KEY

We have a ‘Site-Inspection’ at the beginning of every project, and a ‘Final Walk Through’ at the end of every project. It is important to us that quality control be a part of every bathroom project from start to finish. Your Project Supervisor will also be regularly inspecting your project as it moves towards completion to make sure nothing is overlooked. Oversight is all-important!

One-Day Installation Faster is Better
Home improvement projects that drag on forever are a bummer. With Bathroom Buddy, your new bathroom is done in just one day!

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