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Welcome To ‘The Best of the Best’ In Long Island Remodeling.

We’re very careful about who we hire to remodel bathrooms. VERY CAREFUL. And we’re not just talking about background and drug tests, although we insist on both. We typically interview AT LEAST 20 people for every 1 hire we make, which means that less than 5% of prospective hires are allowed to join our elite team.

Why We’re So Obsessed About Making The Right Hire

So why do we spend so much time making the best hiring decisions? Because in bath remodeling, the quality of your team is the single biggest factor in the results you deliver. A lack of experience or a lazy attitude towards the details can ruin a project faster than anything else.

Our commitment to hiring the best is demonstrated by our incredible team of Bathroom Specialists. These Bath Specialists must be able to handle all parts of the job because of the unique way we install our bathrooms.

So finding this kind of elite talent isn’t necessarily easy – they average at least 15 years’ experience specifically in bathrooms… and they have to have serious skills in several areas. That’s why most remodeling companies on Long Island take the “easy” (and inefficient) way and use sub-contractors instead.

A Great Team of Designers & Support People, Too

In addition to our Bathroom Specialists, we have also carefully built a top team of designers and office support employees. The bath remodeling designers are exceptionally skilled at listening to what you want and then making the right recommendations for your budget and tastes.

Our office support employees are well-trained to avoid the typical frustrations of “I don’t know” answers. (And if they really don’t know, they’ll get you to the right person). The typical customer service frustrations that are so common nowadays are not the Bathroom Buddy way.

We want you to compare us to other contractors — because we know we’re better!

Our employees undergo thorough background checks and drug testing to ensure they meet Bathroom Buddy’s high standards. Because of these expectations we put on ourselves we have acquired the best team of Bathroom Specialists on Long Island. These are experts who specialize in bathroom remodeling – in most cases, bathroom remodeling is all they do every working day of the year. Over time, they’ve stored up priceless experience… which is critical, considering that bathrooms are widely considered the most complicated home remodeling project.

Compare our Bathroom Process to most contractors’ methodology: Instead of one or two Expert MASTER Installers who do everything, other contractors cobble together an array of sub-contractors who take twice as long to complete the project and do (in most cases) half as good of a job.

The ‘Buddy’ Factor

There’s one more qualification that we look for in ‘Our People.’ It’s admittedly a little hard to define exactly, but we know it when we see it. And we bet you do, too. We call it “Buddy Factor”. We want nice people who are pleasant to be around.

We find the day is much more pleasant when you work with lots of nice people, and it builds a positive momentum of great attitudes. You’ll feel this affirmative energy in all your interactions with Bathroom Buddy Remodeling, the friendly bath remodeler.


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Home improvement projects that drag on forever are a bummer. With Bathroom Buddy, your new bathroom is done in just one day!

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