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A tub-to-shower conversion refers to the process of upgrading your standalone bathtub, or bath-and-shower duo, to a freestanding Jacuzzi® shower system. Not only can this upgrade streamline your bathroom with a modern, tub-free design, but by opening up the floor space, it can also create the illusion of a larger room.

For New York, homeowners interested in this win-win home improvement upgrade, the company to turn to is Bathroom Buddy Remodeling. We are home improvement experts with a knack for bathroom remodels, having helped thousands of locals transform their bathrooms with high-quality products and streamlined installations that have given us our award-winning repertoire.

Want to see some bathtub to shower conversion pictures? Check out some completed projects in our gallery. If you are ready to schedule services or learn more, please call us at 631-518-3946 or submit a contact form with your information and Jacuzzi® tub to conversion details.

Benefits of a Jacuzzi® Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Family-styled, bathtub-and-shower duos can become a pain in cramped master bathrooms or in homes where accessibility is a concern. The solution: tub-to-shower conversions. These innovative remodels typically incorporate low-entry or walk-in shower systems and favor an open design concept. What’s more, you can customize your conversion to include:

Safety Designs That Cater to Those Planning to Age in Place

As more and more homeowners are choosing to forgo assisted living facilities, the growing need for accessible home improvements has taken over the industry. Tub-to-shower conversions apply to this movement, as the process requires removing obstacles and barriers, like traditional tubs, from the bathroom and replacing them with a low-entry threshold. If you want to help make your bathroom safer for the entire family, consider adding a walk-in shower, grab bars, bench, removable shower head, or non-slip flooring!

A Contemporary Design by Jacuzzi®

By replacing your clunky tub-and-shower duo with a standalone Jacuzzi® system, you have the freedom to create a modern, open concept that favors trending designs.


Schedule Your Jacuzzi® Tub-to-Shower Conversion in Nassau & Suffolk Counties

If a Jacuzzi® tub-to-shower conversion sounds like the right solution for your New York, home, reach out to Bathroom Buddy Remodeling. When you need help to convert jacuzzi tub to shower, you can trust the professionals at Bathroom Buddy Remodeling. Our bath and shower systems are sourced from industry-leading manufacturers who have time and again produced standout products that offer the best in durability, low-maintenance design, and beauty.

Book Jacuzzi® Tub-to-Shower Conversion services by calling us at 631-518-3946 or filling out a submission form with your information and Jacuzzi® tub to conversion details.

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