We’ll Deliver A Bathroom You Absolutely LOVE.

A “Good Job” Is NOT Good Enough…
With Bathroom Buddy, The Right Way Is The ONLY Way.

In Fact, We’re The Only Long Island Company That Guarantees Its Results.

Do you know the difference between a “good” bathroom remodel… and one that you will absolutely love?

The most important factor—by far—is the contractor you choose to do the project. Professionalism matters. So does experience. And most of all, the people and systems must be in place to deliver AMAZING results every single time.

And when it comes to AMAZING results, nobody comes close to Bathroom Buddy. From Bathroom Specialists to exclusive superior products, to exceptional design, to stress-reducing communications, we have thought of EVERYTHING.

Backing Up What We Say About Workmanship

Let’s face it: you won’t find a company that admits to “mediocre work” or “barely acceptable installation.” Everyone says they do great work. But less than 1% of contractors in Long Island back up their claims with the ultimate level of protection – the Lifetime Workmanship Warranty!

Bathroom Buddy’s Warranty is bulletproof: If any product we installed needs repairs, we come back with no questions asked, not a penny out of your pocket and repair the issue– IN WRITING. This is not the kind of promise a sloppy, incompetent bathroom remodeler would even think about making! Get your project done to the highest standards of workmanship. Give us a call to get started.

One-Day Installation Faster is Better
Home improvement projects that drag on forever are a bummer. With Bathroom Buddy, your new bathroom is done in just one day!

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