5 Soothing and Relaxing Color Schemes for Bathrooms

Nov 08, 2018

Colors change the mood of a home and the people inside it. That is why both exterior and interior colors matter when it comes to choosing your home style. For an important area like your bathroom, color plays a big role in making your atmosphere feel relaxing enough for a better bathing experience.

Since bathrooms are such an important place of relaxation and rejuvenation choosing the right color scheme for your bathroom is essential. There are many soothing and relaxing color schemes for bathrooms that you can choose from. Let the professionals at Bathroom Buddy help you pick the right color for your bathroom. If you want more, check out our gallery!

5 Soothing and Relaxing Color Schemes for Bathrooms

Why Do Color Schemes for Bathrooms Matter?

With many hours spent is your bathroom every week, it is important to have a look and design that make you comfortable. Whether it’s getting ready in the morning, showering after a long day, or just sitting in a quiet space, your bathroom should be a place of relaxation. Choosing the best color schemes for bathrooms means you with appreciate and enjoy how good it looks every time you are in there. Pick the wrong colors and just image how often you will think about how you made the wrong choice. Luckily we have some great calming color schemes to help you pick the best colors for a bathroom.

Here are a few of our favorite colors the we recommend:

Charcoal and White

When thinking about what is the best color for a bathroom, the first that comes to mind is dark and light colors contrasting each other. These colors for a bathroom are always an interesting color combination. In this case, the dark charcoal walls give your bathroom a dramatic vibe and the white walls balance it all out, producing a serene, elegant bathroom interior.

Beige Chocolate and Cream

When placed with each other, chocolate brown and cream white create a perfect traditional bathroom look. This is a great color scheme when you want your bathroom remodeler to install architectural windows and home components since it’s great for emphasizing details.

Navy Blue and Silver

The color blue is a pleasing tone because people see it as a part of calming nature elements like the sea and sky. Mix it with the elegant silver color and you’ve got quite a color scheme made for modernized bathrooms.

White and Lavender

Spice up your common white bathroom with lavender pieces such as lavender towels, wall decor and even actual lavender in a glass vase. The soft and chic white and lavender combination works best with traditional cottage style interiors.

 Pewter and Ivory

After a busy and hectic day, arriving home to bathe in a bathroom covered in pewter and ivory is just what you need to feel calmer. This neutral combination is the breath of fresh air you need after a long, tiring day. You can pair this with marble countertops for a crisp, clean look.

Light Gray

When choosing neutral colors that go with pretty much any bathroom, we like light gray. This color also allows excellent pairing with accessories like plants and wood stain cabinets. if you don’t want to have to worry about multiple bathroom colors schemes, light gray ensures a soothing vibe without much thought.

Green and White

With more time spent indoors, the need for outside colors like green has only become more important. we think a soft green and white is one the best bathroom color schemes for a much needed environmental feel.

Creme Color

If you want a single plain color, don’t go with white. Creme is simple, but one of the best color schemes for bathrooms and is a great neutral color that stands out enough to look good, while also being calm enough it doesn’t instantly demand your attention when you want in.

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