7 Bathroom Trends to Incorporate in Your Remodel

Aug 26, 2021

Most people think that remodeling a bathroom is strictly about making things functional. But don’t be afraid to have fun when updating your bathroom!

Bathroom Buddy Remodeling gives helpful bathroom remodel ideas for homeowners that want to add a modern twist or contemporary look. Here are 7 trends we’re loving for bathroom remodels this year!

1) Frameless shower doors

There are lots of options when it comes to your shower door, but our favorite look is the frameless door. Frameless shower doors are known for their large transparent glass panels which lack any visible frames and are made of sturdy tempered glass held by the hinges directly attached to them instead. Frameless shower doors are a popular option for homeowners who want to show off their shower’s internal design, and they also make any bathroom feel bigger and brighter!

2) Barrier-free entry

Barrier-free entry showers, also known as walk-in showers, are becoming one of the most popular options for homeowners looking to extend the time they can stay in their homes. 

A walk-in shower will dramatically change the look of your bathroom, making it more modern and open. But more importantly, it makes your shower safer! Removing the entry threshold of a shower makes it more accessible for those with limited mobility or who plan to age in place. By investing in a walk-in shower, you’ll get a sleeker look that will last you for years to come.

3) Spa tubs

If you looking to do a shower-to-tub conversion, or just to upgrade your existing builder-grade tub, you won’t regret going with a Jacuzzi® tub for that sublime spa experience. 

Here at Bathroom Buddy, we exclusively install Jacuzzi® bath and shower products because we believe in only using high-quality materials that are low maintenance to homeowners, and proven to last.

4) Smart storage spaces

One thing that nearly every homeowner is looking for when remodeling their bathroom is increased storage space. Work with an experienced contractor who can help you choose the right bathroom cabinets that will enhance your storage space without encroaching on the limited amount of space in your bathroom’s footprint. 

5) Clean color scheme

One of the most common mistakes people make when redesigning their bathroom is choosing an overpowering color scheme. Bathrooms are small spaces. The wrong color combination can make the room seem smaller, and even detract from the relaxing environment you’re trying to create. 

There are lots of ways to incorporate color without overwhelming the space, but classic white never goes out of style. 

6) Minimalist design elements

It’s true what they say, that less is more. And that is more true in a bathroom than just about any other room of a house. Just like how the wrong color scheme can take away from the relaxing aesthetic of your bathroom, packing in too many elements can make an already small space feel even more crowded. To keep that clean, contemporary feel, choose a single focal piece instead of overdoing it with too many decorative items. 

7) Wood accents

One of the most popular trends we’re seeing in bathrooms to contribute to that relaxing, spa feel so many people want, is to incorporate natural wood elements and other natural materials into the design. 

If you’d like to get a free consultation and find out how Bathroom Buddy can help turn your dated bathroom into a modern retreat, contact us today!

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